3D Laser Scan with CAD model combined above and extracted 3D CAD model top


3D Laser Scanning & CAD Services


MetroCAD use 3D Laser Scanning to capture data, to give accurate & detailed 3D digital
documentation of Factory Layouts, Buildings, Landscapes, Interiors and complex scenes.
MetroCAD use a combination of advanced software techniques to process the 3D Laser scan
data to create dimensionally accurate 3D CAD models. We can apply multiple techniques to give tolerance levels for 3D Laser Scanning can be below 0.05mm and can remain below 2mm even for larger structures. The 3D data & subsequent CAD models produced have a multitude of uses
within the Manufacturing, Utility and Architectural Fields. Our services enable our
clients to develop a competitive edge to their business whilst keeping their operations
working efficiently.


Contact our technical team to discuss how laser scanning, saves time, reduces risk,
reduces costs and helps you get it right the first time


'Precise, fast and cost saving'

Typical Factory Environment
3D Laser Scanner for Large projects with 330m range
Typical Factory Model
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